Buy a Packt Publishing Drupal book, get one free

24 Mar 2014

To celebrate the release of its 2000th title, Packt Publishing is giving away an ebook for every title you order. So buy one Drupal book, get one free!

Or any tech book from the the lineup of 2000 titles; it doesn't have to be Drupal. But I suggest Drupal titles, as there's a good number available, like these: Read more about Buy a Packt Publishing Drupal book, get one free

Going bulk on site spam

10 Jun 2013

Got spam? Sure you do. I use the Mollom module and service to control spam on Drupal sites, including the (now Drupal 7!) Drupal Ace. Mollom reports heavy action on the front lines: It's blocking over 1,000 spam attempts a day on this site, and on one day late last year, whacked over 16,000 urgent missives concerning Air Jordan-wearing Russian brides refinancing viagra at Canadian pharmacies. Read more about Going bulk on site spam

Drupal Ace: Now with Drupal 7!

18 May 2013

You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you. – Walt Disney

It just wouldn't be a picnic without the ants. — Author Unknown

Troubles. Adversity. These are the tests that wake us from complacency, allowing us to see the good around us. So it is, too, with the update from Drupal 6 to 7. Struggling through the update's attendant troubles, a Drupal user is rewarded in the end with a renewed appreciation of a true wonder of the Web:


But. While it's true that I've migrated a simple site or two to WordPress for learning purposes, it would hardly be kosher for a site called Drupal Ace to run on a platform sans pointy-headed mascot. So. After much delay and hesitant tests, I've finally moved this site to Drupal 7. And it works!...

...sort of. Here's a very shortened look at some roadblocks I hit, and some of the weirdness that remains in the D7 site: Read more about Drupal Ace: Now with Drupal 7!

Coming up: Review of Packt Publishing's "Drupal 7 Mobile Web Development"

1 Jun 2012

Something's been nagging me for quite a while now. The world is going mobile, but my Drupal sites aren't.

Drupal 7 Mobile Web Development hits a timely topic. While Drupal was born for the desk, it's ready to hop off of it. I know that Drupal can and is being used to create mobile-specific sites. I also know that the transformation is a big topic and a big job. It's good to see resources popping up to help people make the move. Read more about Coming up: Review of Packt Publishing's "Drupal 7 Mobile Web Development"