Drupal and DreamHost: An Update

19 Mar 2011
Drupal Ace

Over on Hosting for Your Drupal Creations, I lay out the good and the bad of my experiences hosting Drupal on DreamHost. Some updates:

One-Click Install for Drupal

I updated the hosting article to reflect that DreamHost now includes Drupal among its many one-click installation options, which include other content management systems, wiki platforms, photo gallery platforms, and more. As of this writing, the DreamHost one-click option will perform a "simple installation" of Drupal 6.20, handing you a ready-for-dev setup. 

Is that a good thing? No doubt so, if you want a quick Drupal installation to play around with, or to get a simple site up and running fast. But if you're serious about using Drupal, the option probably means nothing; you'll learn much more about Drupal by installing it yourself, and will have more freedom in building the site you want. As the installer itself notes,

Simple One-Clicks are automatically updated and provide a selection of themes and plugins. Customization options are very limited. Read more about Drupal and DreamHost: An Update

My Ubercart site creation troubles

27 Sep 2010
Drupal trouble

In my review of Packt Publishing's Drupal E-Commerce with Ubercart 2x, I mentioned that a number of troubles and hiccups caused me to run pretty late with both my review and my creation of a test e-commerce site. What sort of problems? My review and a handful of blog posts leading up to it already mention a few, like image paths that required slashes before Node Import would work. Below are a few more misfires, in no particular order, that I took note of while building my store. (You'll note that none of them seem to be particularly the fault of Ubercart, and certainly not the fault of the Packt book I was working from. They're just a random heap of gremlin-like woes.) Read more about My Ubercart site creation troubles

Review of Drupal E-commerce with Ubercart 2.x

Drupal Ubercart book

Here it is: the promised review of Packt Publishing's Drupal E-Commerce with Ubercart 2x, by George Papadongonas and Yiannis Doxaras.

Wow, this took me some time! Partly for good reason, too. I set out to not just read the book and proclaim it good (or not), but to also follow along and build my own working Drupal + Ubercart site. And so I did.

But was there pain along the way? Oh yes, there was pain, and then some more. Glitches and screeching-halt gum-ups galore. Here's the important thing, though: Those weren't the fault of the book. Despite quibbles with its content that I'll mention, the book was a great help (and if you're in a rush, let that be your review right there). Rather, I was beset by a succession of hiccups involving Drupal, Ubercart, my hosting service, my local-computer development setup, and probably cranky gremlins too.

I'll save all that for later, so as not to distract from the main review. Let's get on with that: Read more about Review of Drupal E-commerce with Ubercart 2.x