Easy Drupal Admin Manual (EDAM)

...for the beginning or even completely non-technical administrator of a Drupal site

Welcome to the Easy Drupal Admin Manual. Or EDAM, like the cheese: appealingly mild, and suitable for the gourmand and the first-time cheese-eater alike. (With a slightly nutty taste, say some.) All without the red wax rind.

The name is also a friendly nod to the Dutch origins of Drupal itself.

Who is this for?

EDAM is not aimed at the typical Drupal site developer, but rather the non-technical end user who has only basic content management and site administration needs. Early pages assume no knowledge of concepts like content management systems, open source, or Drupal; even a moderately technical user will find it fairly basic. But EDAM helps fill a real need for beginner-friendly documentation centered on maintaining a site and managing content as an end user, as opposed to developing a new site.

Target readers for EDAM include:

  • My non-technical clients for Drupal sites
  • Your non-technical clients for Drupal sites
  • Any Drupal beginner who's installed Drupal and wonders where to go from there
  • Any Drupal user with some experience, who can still appreciate a beginner-oriented guide to some steps
  • An IT manager with technical chops, but who's suddenly been handed control of some site made with this Droopa-whatever thing he's never heard of
  • Anyone looking for ways to explain some Drupal basics to a beginner administrator

Caveats! (That means "Beware!")

EDAM pages are originally written for Drupal 5. They're undergoing updates for Drupal 6: stay tuned to this site's blog for notices.

EDAM's text originated with instructions for clients of mine, not as a how-to guide for generic unknown users. As such, it doesn't cover installation and initial configuration of Drupal (topics already covered thoroughly by other online documentation). EDAM reflects the ways I personally like to set up and explain sites, which may or may not be ideal for your purposes.

EDAM cheerfully takes some non-standard liberties with terminologies where I've found the usual Drupal way to be confusing. I consider this a bonus!

Finally, EDAM is a work in progress. It'll keep changing as I find better ways to do things; as viewers report problems, solutions, and discoveries; and as Drupal itself keeps improving. It's only one entry into a growing ocean of Drupal documentation, but I hope it'll be a helpful island for beginner site administrators in that sea!

Thank you!

Your feedback is wildly appreciated!


Michael's picture

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for creating this site. The Drupal Admin Manual has been an invaluable introductory resource for me as I set sail on the waters of the Drupal Sea. I have am currently setting up a Drupal based site for a small company and have never actually worked directly with Drupal before. Your site has helped me tremendously.

drupalace's picture

Thanks so much! I have a short list of new pages to add, so will get to work on those.


Please come visit again any time.

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WellWisher's picture

Is there any way that I can Print this whole Manual??.

It will be much easier for the users.


drupalace's picture

Hi! At the bottom of the articles, right at the above the comments, there's a "Printer-friendly version" link.

I just discovered something new to me: That link creates a page from the viewed page and any child pages. So on this page, the top page of the book, "Printer-friendly version" creates a version of the whole book, on one page! The output isn't particularly pretty, but it sounds like just what you're looking for. 

I hope that's of use –

Unknown Drupaloid's picture

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Rosemarie's picture

This is a fantastic resource and obviously a lot of work - thank you very much indeed!

drupalace's picture

Thank you for the kind words. BTW, your http://rosemariegant.com/ is a very nice-looking site, with an easy-to-understand description of services. Great model for anyone making a similar site! (Even if it is WordPress and not Drupal... : )

Testking 640-864's picture

This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the leisure here! Keep up the good work.

MsVinzeent's picture

Hi there! Last two weeks, my boss asked me to learn about Drupal. Well, I don't have any background about any CMS but I know it makes a developer's life easier. When I asked my friends about Drupal and read comments about it, a lot are saying that it's a complicated thing. And worse, I am the only one using this kind of CMS in the team so I only have uncle Google for my aid. It was hard for a Drupal newbie to follow through the documentations and I'm glad to have stumbled upon this site. This is indeed a good site to learn about Drupal. Thanks a bunch! ^^


drupalace's picture

Thank you very much! I hope your site development went well, and you're now a happy (and experienced) Drupal beginner. 

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