Create a Story Node

Page node or Story node? What's the difference?

As explained here, the developers of Drupal originally had different plans for Page nodes and Story nodes, but they've evolved to become essentially the same thing. The names are different, and you can set your site to handle Page nodes differently from Story nodes (for example, you might use Story nodes for content that readers can comment on, and Page nodes for content that doesn't allow reader comment), but otherwise they work identically.

Many people use Page nodes for static content (company information, product information, etc.) and Story nodes for articles (news, reviews, reports, etc.). It's up to you.

Creating a Story node

Once you're logged in, click here:

Navigation menu » Create content » Story

The procedure for creating a Story node is the same as creating a Page node. Follow the instructions on Create a Page Node, replacing "Page" with "Story".

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