Free Aliases!

Below are useful built-in aliases, ready to take you to important pages. Just type the alias into your browser's address bar, after <your site domain>.

Drupal aliases

The following aliases come courtesy of Drupal:

User login page

The first page you need as an administrator!


Registered user pages

A list offering links to each individual user page:


You can also get to individual user pages by user number. The chief "ID 1" administrator's page is at /user/1; later users have later numbers.

/user/1, /user/2, /user/3, etc. 

Main Administer page

The all-important page containing links to all the forms you need to manage your site.


Contact form

Here's a ready-made contact form for visitors, if your site is set up to use it.



Your site's main Forums page, if the site is set up to use Drupal's built-in forum capabilities.



Your site's main Polls page, if the site is set up to use Drupal's built-in poll capabilities.



All blogs on the site.


Front page

The site's default front page, if a specific front page has not been set. (It's "/node" because the front page, by default, is a list of all front-page-promoted nodes.)



Individual nodes, using the numbers automatically given them upon creation.

/node/1, /node/2, /node/3, etc.

Tagged content

Page listing all nodes tagged with the Term bearing the number. See Terms, Vocabularies, and Categories: "Tagging" Your Content.

/taxonomy/term/1, /taxonomy/term/2, etc.

Post tracker

List of posts, in order of posting.


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