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Our site has a news section and when it was working, the marketing mgr would click on the news menu item, and then click on post new entry. He would then fill out the blog post and submit it. This post would end up on a page such as .../blog/news/node/??. The post would also populate as a feed to the front page of the site.

As of last week, someone deleted the blog page. When I click on one of the news items on the front page, I get page not found. If I type in .../blog, I get the notice that the blog you were looking for could not be found. Is there a way to restore this page and have the posts go there again? If not, what are my options.

The posts are still there when I list the content, but I am very new to Drupal and don't know how the page and posts are tied together. I have been through the site and cannot find an answer to my particular problem.

Take a look at the site if it will help explain what I am seeing.


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Hello. I don't see a link to a specific news section on your site, so wasn't sure what to look for... but when I tried clicking "Learn more..." for what looks like a news story, I see what you describe: a path such as blog/news/1688, but displaying only "Page not found". That's not good!

My guess is that the problem is one of (a) the news article is still there within the site, but somehow the path embedded in the link is the wrong path; (b) the news article is still there and the path is correct, but the article has been unpublished (i.e., made unavailable for viewing); or (c) somehow the news article has been actually deleted. 

I hope it's not (c)! The easiest way to check may be this: when logged in as an administrator, navigate to admin/content/node and confirm that the news article appears there. (I think you've already done this.) If it's in the list, you'll see an "edit" link. With the news article open in editing mode, the obvious things to check are (1) is "Published" checked under "Publishing options"?; and (2) What's going on under "URL path settings"?

For the latter: What's found there may vary a lot by how the site is constructed. Is there a path given there, and does it match the path embedded in the "Learn more..." link that's not working? Is "Automatic alias" checked? (There can be potential for conflict when the article creator, or a later editor, inserts a custom-made path, while "Automatic alias" tries to create its own automatic path...)

Any clues to be found in there?

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