SEO, Traffic and Revenue: Drupalace's Online Manual (STARDOM)

On its way: An organized working of my collected notes and resources on the topic of goal achievement for Drupal-based websites - specifically, best practices related to SEO, traffic, and revenue generation. 

Let me quickly lay out the plan:

1. This Book will collect techniques and tips for achieving goals with a website, whether that means community building, revenue generation, readership increase, corruption of the innocent, whatever. All with special asides on how Drupal fits in.

2. It'll roughly follow the tried-and-tested "Plan, Do, Check" action cycle, as follows:

  • Plan: Building a good site, promoting it effectively.
  • Do: Achieving goals (building community, getting clicks, making money, etc.)
  • Check: Monitoring results, making improvements. 

3. The Book begins from a selfish desire to organize my own mess of notes into something I can use to improve on goal achievement with my own sites. But as long as I'm doing that, I'm more than pleased to offer the same info to any and all, and benefit from your criticisms.

Don't be surprised to see a mish-mash of stuff with big, gaping holes. Things will get filled in and straightened up. And don't be surprised if my how-to info looks like a blanket list of all the stuff this site isn't doing right. Again, improving my own sites is a key goal, so that contradiction is to be expected!

4. Once a fair amount of how-to info is posted, the real fun begins for me: I'll work the techniques into a checklist, and begin applying it to a coterie of my own sites that could stand to be more successful. Naturally, I want to write about that process and its ongoing results!

5. At every step of the way, I would love to hear criticism, corrections, and suggestions from readers. Additional information is welcome, including links to useful how-to information for site builders.

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