One-Page Checklist

"Okay, that STARDOM book is all right. But do you have a short checklist of things to keep in mind for SEO?"

That's what a friend asked your humble scribe not long ago. And, hmm, such a thing would be useful for me, too. So I totted up a big list extracting the key points from STARDOM, in really simple form, to create: the Drupalace Site Promotion and SEO One-Page Checklist!

There's next to no detail on that list. Yet it's not memorize-it-and-burn-the-paper short, either; it covers a lot of points. But it does all fit onto one page, and should provide any web master helpful reminders of optimizations that are easy to overlook.

Go through the list, toss out items that don't apply to your site, and check whether you've implemented those that do. For overly-broad items that call for more explanation or breakdown, dig up details within STARDOM, or learn more at any number of great online resources.

This is definitely a work in progress; I greatly welcome your suggestions for what's superfluous, missing, or just plain wrong in my checklist. Please drop a comment or a message!


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