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Upgrading from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7: problems and solutions

22 Sep 2011
Drupal problems and solutions

Following my first look at Drupal 7 and my notes on building a "sandbox" Drupal 7 site, here's a report of my next stop in going 7: upgrading a site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.

Someday you'll likely want to do the same. But this is a major upgrade, not a trivial "Drupal 6.19 to Drupal 6.20" kind of affair. "Yeah, one of these days I need to get around to that", you say... while your poor D6 sites fidget anxiously... like nervous freshmen huddling outside the gym locker room... fearing the gauntlet of cackling seniors daring them to walk on in.... 

Oops, sorry; serious flashback. Anyway, a major upgrade is a can't-avoid-it-forever exercise, so let's charge in. I ran into problems during my experience (gee, there's a surprise : /  ), but I managed to fix them as outlined below. If you've got a Drupal 7 installation running and are ready to uplift an old site or two, read my tale and let me know if it's of any help! Read more about Upgrading from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7: problems and solutions

Creating a Drupal 7 sandbox site

12 Sep 2011
Drupal checklist

Following up on my review of the book Drupal 7 First Look, here's a closer look at the creation of my first Drupal 7 site: a generic "sandbox" site to be used as the base for future sites. While every Drupal site you or I create will call for its own unique setup, there are parts of a Drupal configuration that I'll likely want to replicate on any new site, such as installation of key modules, or creation of useful roles and vocabularies that I always end up using. I'd prefer to do those things just once, rather than from scratch every time; hence the sandbox site. 

Here's what I did. Drupal beginners, see whether there's something useful in there for you.   Read more about Creating a Drupal 7 sandbox site

Drupal and DreamHost: An Update

19 Mar 2011
Drupal Ace

Over on Hosting for Your Drupal Creations, I lay out the good and the bad of my experiences hosting Drupal on DreamHost. Some updates:

One-Click Install for Drupal

I updated the hosting article to reflect that DreamHost now includes Drupal among its many one-click installation options, which include other content management systems, wiki platforms, photo gallery platforms, and more. As of this writing, the DreamHost one-click option will perform a "simple installation" of Drupal 6.20, handing you a ready-for-dev setup. 

Is that a good thing? No doubt so, if you want a quick Drupal installation to play around with, or to get a simple site up and running fast. But if you're serious about using Drupal, the option probably means nothing; you'll learn much more about Drupal by installing it yourself, and will have more freedom in building the site you want. As the installer itself notes,

Simple One-Clicks are automatically updated and provide a selection of themes and plugins. Customization options are very limited. Read more about Drupal and DreamHost: An Update