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Catching up

29 Jan 2011
Drupal Ace

Ack! Much traveling of late, and way behind on replying to comments (and posting stuff, and cleaning spam, and doing anything at all).

Caught up on a few comments now; away for a few more days, then will try to catch up on all comments.

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My Ubercart site creation troubles

27 Sep 2010
Drupal trouble

In my review of Packt Publishing's Drupal E-Commerce with Ubercart 2x, I mentioned that a number of troubles and hiccups caused me to run pretty late with both my review and my creation of a test e-commerce site. What sort of problems? My review and a handful of blog posts leading up to it already mention a few, like image paths that required slashes before Node Import would work. Below are a few more misfires, in no particular order, that I took note of while building my store. (You'll note that none of them seem to be particularly the fault of Ubercart, and certainly not the fault of the Packt book I was working from. They're just a random heap of gremlin-like woes.) Read more about My Ubercart site creation troubles

Tip for friendlier content creation

3 Aug 2010
Drupal Ace

So you're editing a Story node in Drupal, and... Wait, was it a Story? Or was it a Page node? Or is the node you're editing actually a Blog Entry?

When you create a node, Drupal gives you a big-letter reminder of what you're making: "Create Story" (or whatever the node type is) appears at the top of the creation form. Yet when you later edit the node, there's no easy reminder of what the node type. Clues in the path, the visible fields, or elsewhere may give it away to the experienced site builder, but not to a newcomer admin to the site. And to be sure, you won't often care what the node type is when making some small edits, but then again you might find yourself scratching your head as you stare at the edit form for a node someone else made, thinking that you'd like to make this change if it's a Story but that change if it's a Page...

There's a nice and very simple tip at the Josiah Ritchie blog to aid future editors (including yourself) on this small point. Read more about Tip for friendlier content creation

Back on track with Node Import

14 Jun 2010

As described in How's that Ubercart review coming along?, my work on a Drupal ecommerce site using Ubercart came to a halt when Node Import refused to import my spreadsheet. I found and fixed the problem: Node Import was choking on a column that held paths for my nodes' images. (It was choking silently and demurely, which didn't help at all; a spittle-flinging "ack.. hack... image paths... hurk...