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Things theme different...

28 Apr 2010

Long overdue: A site face lift! This is just a first step: quick, slap-it-up application of a new theme. You're looking at a polished theme by pros: Tapestry, from the good folks at RoopleTheme. Want a theme built from the ground up for easy modding? Check out this feature list... which I'll introduce shortly. The RoopleTheme site appears out of action at the moment. (Probably something I did. : / )  Read more about Things theme different...

Changing download method from Private to Public: Image problems solved (somehow)

15 Jan 2010

In this earlier Drupal Question, I lamented how changing a site's Private download method to Public resulted in non-displaying images with wacky URLs. Well, the problem is solved... or at least, it's just not there any more. Why? Well, maybe you could help explain. See the link for the full description of the problem and the new solution-of-sorts.

No closure, just working images. I guess that will have to do. Read more about Changing download method from Private to Public: Image problems solved (somehow)

Updating Easy Drupal Admin Manual

1 Dec 2009

The Easy Drupal Admin Manual (EDAM) is a manual for a class of user that gets overlooked by most documentation: the non-technical administrator or editor who isn't setting up a Drupal site, but just wants to create content and perform simple configuration on an existing site. 

EDAM is finally getting a long-overdue updating for Drupal 6, too. So far, the changes are mostly tweaks to details of administration forms and some terminology; where simple admin and editing are concerned, the differences between Drupal 5 and 6 aren't great. Read more about Updating Easy Drupal Admin Manual