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Manhandle that database back into shape

31 Aug 2009

A short tale of how I got the links page working after a Weblinks module upgrade broke it.

The ideal solution would be to track down the exact problem, posting issues and working with the module's maintainers, finally squaring everything away with the current module version. However, the issues page doesn't show anyone else having trouble with the module; the problem may be an obscure glitch related to my frequent abuse of this site for experimentation purposes. More importantly, at the moment I'm short on time to fiddle with this. I decided I'd just go back to the previous version of the module and be done with it.

Here's the process, including an unexpected problem necessitating light database vivisection: Read more about Manhandle that database back into shape

Great Modules for the Drupal Beginner

28 Jul 2009

"I'm new to Drupal. What modules should I check out?"

That's a common Drupal beginner question. Everyone (even the newbie who asks) knows the general answer: "It depends entirely upon what your site needs." But that doesn't help the beginner much with making a start. "You can do anything, because Drupal has over 4000 modules!" is wonderful news to the ambitious newbie's ear – yet it's pretty frightening, too.

The smart Drupal beginner will rightly ask, "Okay, I know there's a bushel of modules for any feature I have in mind, and I look forward to exploring them in detail... but for now, what are some common favorites for Drupal sites of every stripe?"

A good list of popular, all-round workhorse modules can quickly get a newcomer on the path to a functional site. Here's a list of my most-used Drupal 6 favorites, plus a few recommendations for beginners, based on butter-fingered experience with over a dozen sites. I'd love to see comments with additional (or better) ideas! Read more about Great Modules for the Drupal Beginner

"Why I Hate Drupal" presentation

20 Jul 2009

"Why I Hate Drupal." It's not the presentation you'd expect from one of the key persons behind Drupal's growth, but that's what an attentive audience heard at DrupalCon DC earlier this year. Now, if you guess that there's a tongue-in-cheek component behind that title, you'd be right; "Why I Hate Drupal" was a chance for a group of developer to point at some Drupal bugs, shortcoming, and frustrations, commiserating over a Keynote document instead of a beer. But it's not all laughs; the speaker and the audience have some real steam to release.

The presentation shouldn't turn anyone off of Drupal and its amazing strengths. What it offers is a frank reality check against too much upbeat hype, and some welcome pointers to hurdles that would-be Drupal masters will have to overcome. And good honest criticism is always necessary to make further improvements.

I jotted down a few notes and quotes while listening to the presentation video. Much of the content was focused on trials facing developers, but even the Drupal beginner will recognize a few sore spots.For your amusement, below is the text which I earlier posted on the Drupal Japan group (in a discussion of how likely Drupal is to "break out" in that market).  

Read more about "Why I Hate Drupal" presentation