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Read More link troubles fixed?

1 Jul 2009

Finally... my Read More link woes fixed? In Tweaking the Read More Tweak, I noted that I used the Read More Tweak module to make Drupal's strangely-invisible Read More links more prominent. But that module opened up another problem: the Read More link was appearing even when there was no more content, i.e., when the teaser showed the whole of the node. 

The issues queue for the module discusses the matter, ending with confirmation that the latest version fixes things. Yet I kept getting that link after every teaser, whether for new posts or edits of old posts. Recent testing revealed something else: Somewhere along the line of upgrades and experiments, that module had stopped being at fault; I was now getting that persistent link in every teaser even with Read More Tweak disabled.

Things are fixed now. It's all so simple as to be embarrassing: Read more about Read More link troubles fixed?

Testing FeedBurner...

1 Jul 2009

I set up a FeedBurner account for this site a few short months ago, with the help of the FeedBurner module. Things seemed to work: I saw a modest but crunchy number of subscribers, and looked forward to tracking that number.

Then things stopped working: FeedBurner shows 0 subscribers (et tu, Mom?), and attempts to sign up for posts via email didn't work. 

I think I fixed the problem, but first this test post. If it works, I'll post a few notes on the troubleshooting experience. Read more about Testing FeedBurner...