Testing the Blogging Clients #1: MarsEdit

28 Jun 2007

Here's the excerpt! Does it work?

Let's see how this performs, up to and including handling of headings:

h1: Drupal is

h2: the best

h3: CMS...

And so on. (Boy, it's annoying that I have select the whole phrase before I can apply the heading...)

Now, this also appears to offer excerpts, but we'll see how well that works...

Edit: Meh. I see have to use Full HTML formatting, in order for the headings to work. Fine. But the excerpt? As expected, it's no go, as I'm using Nodeteaser instead of the default excerpt method; the break tag appears in my MarsEdit editing window, but Drupal and Nodeteaser ignore it. The excerpt text ("Here's the excerpt! Does it work?") just gets slapped onto the front of my post. There's no way to enter an alternate excerpt that Nodeteaser recognizes as a teaser.

See my lamentation about teasers: http://www.drupalace.com/blog_entry_drupal_mystery_1_teasers_2007_06_25 . We sure could use a blogging client made expressly for Drupallers, with support for a zillion ever-changing modules and all!


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Could you please update this post. What blogging client did you end up using. What are you current thoughts on Marsedit.


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Your question is well-timed, as I recently started re-evaluating MarsEdit for my posts. I'll put up a short overview soon.

(The quickie answer for now: Very easy to use, and thus fantastic for fast creation of simple posts... but only simple stuff. For anything a little complex, where I want to add graphics or enable Trackbacks, etc., I still need to go and edit in Drupal. Or just to clean up text formatting, which is hit-and-miss. MarsEdit is a very nice product, but isn't made exclusively for Drupal, and that semi-familiarity does show.)

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Sorry for the long delay on this. I finally did write a long review in Testing the Blogging Clients #2: Review of MarsEdit on Drupal. Please take a read!

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