Drupal beginner documentation picking up steam

2 Feb 2010

Documentation for the Drupal beginner? If you've heard that there's just too little of it, you've heard old news. As the Drupal express picks up more and more steam in the world of site development, tech authors are rolling out the titles to bring the newcomers on board. 

As noted here and here on Drupal.org, our favorite CMS is really coming on to the non-techie "C-M-what?" marketplace with the release of Drupal For Dummies and Sams Teach Yourself Drupal in 24 Hours.

A "Dummies" title? That's a clear sign Drupal has arrived. Arrived... somewhere. Wherever it is that "Dummies" status indicates. And "in 24 Hours"? I don't think even Jack Bauer could go from zero to social networking site in 24 hours (and you can't just shoot that Drupal logo guy in the leg to speed things up; he hasn't got legs). But seriously, these books are just what many beginners will need to get off the ground and running with Drupal. Welcome, new books!

With these newbie-friendly releases on book shelves, I tried out something I've been meaning to tinker with for a while: creation of an Amazon.com "Listmania!" list. It's a Drupal for Beginners list, showcasing good newbie-oriented books. (List creation was simple and uneventful enough; not much more to say on that!)

There are yet more books on the horizon that I'll add as they come out; are there any already-released books that I'm overlooking? 

Meanwhile, Drupal beginners, remember that there are already plenty of great resources for you online before you splurge on books. I link to my favorite newbie resources at Drupal for Beginners; give that a peek. Then there's my newbie-oriented admin manual EDAM (now fully updated for Drupal 6; time to add some new pages!). And there are resources all over the Interwebs, like the Drupal 6 Ultimate Community Site Guide (review). It's a great time for anyone to step up to Drupal!


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I must also put in a great word for Lullabot series of trainings. If you like video tutes (like I do, easier to follow along, pause and duplicate the motions) then Lullabot has a terrific DVD series on every basic thing one aughta know about Drupal and how to do it.

I recomend the Site Building, CCK and Views dvd's. The tutes (sorry Lullabot team) are a little dry in presentation but hey I wasn't watching them to be entertained.


Check 'em out at. http://store.lullabot.com/products

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Well said. In addition to the store products you link to, there are plenty of free videos and a podcast:



It's more than enough info to keep a Drupal site creator happy, from one of the most respected Drupal names out there.

I have Lullabot on my links page, but your additional reminder about this great resource is welcome.  

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