Solved: Strange Drupal image problem

25 Mar 2012

If I've not been posting much lately, it's been for the following reasons: wanting to get a good external blogging client working (more or less solved; stay tuned!), and a strange sudden loss of ability to place inline images into posts.

For the latter, I use the WYSYWIG and IMCE modules, and the IMCE WYSIWYG Bridge module to tie them together. But a while back, I suddenly lost the ability to put images inline. Sure, everything appeared to work normally, but nothing would show up in the node.

Studying the URLs of the non-appearing images revealed clues to the cause. Crazy business: IMCE was slapping the code width="0" height="0" onto all of the images it touched. I could even see the "0 x 0" dimensions popping up automatically in the IMCE window, without my leave; why?? Needless to say, an image with zero dimensions doesn't show up...

I went nuts looking for a solution within IMCE and other settings, and also in server settings (what else would explain a problem occurring on multiple sites?), all with no luck. Finally, a simple search on the forums turned up this suggestion: Disable ad blockers. Really?? Yep. I disabled extensions in my browser, and IMCE now leaves images unmolested, with natural dimensions intact. Huzzah!

One small oddity: The linked thread suggests Adblock for Chrome as the offender. I figured Adblock must be the culprit in my Safari browser too... but I saw I didn't have it enabled to begin with. Poking around a bit, the homewrecker in my case turned out to be the YouTube5 extension (a HTML5 video player). Huh. Wouldn't have figured that out on my own...

So. If you've got inexplicable problems with IMCE or anything that tosses up a window, try turning off browser extensions before you go nuts poking around on the server or through obscure Drupal settings.


(Above happy face inserted smoothly through the good graces of a restored IMCE.)


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Cool! Thanks for figuring out about this!

You're really great~ I tried it out! And yay, works for me!

What you see is what you get!


Josan from matelas à langer

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