Coming up: Review of Packt Publishing's "Drupal 7 Mobile Web Development"

1 Jun 2012

Something's been nagging me for quite a while now. The world is going mobile, but my Drupal sites aren't.

Drupal 7 Mobile Web Development hits a timely topic. While Drupal was born for the desk, it's ready to hop off of it. I know that Drupal can and is being used to create mobile-specific sites. I also know that the transformation is a big topic and a big job. It's good to see resources popping up to help people make the move.

I'm working my way through the book and haven't yet put it into practice. I don't expect it will address all of the questions I'll have - no resource ever does, specially in the open-source field - but so far, the content looks promising. The initial section on getting set up for mobile development is helpful for those of us starting out; looks like I'll finally get my feet wet with Drush and other topics I've been curious about.

The bulk of the content may be very useful to mobile development beginners like me, but it's clearly not aimed at Drupal beginners. For a moderately experienced Drupal user like me (lots of regular site dev, little real coding), it looks like a good combination of things I know and new challenges. The real test will come in seeing how complete the instructions are; too often, books stop short of making things clear. I suspect that'll happen somewhere in this book too, though even if so, the huge number of topics covered offers a good map of things to consider and research when going mobile. (Sections on development for tablets, and use of cloud services? Didn't expect those.)

Stay tunes for the full review. Or go ahead and beat me to it: get the book, and let us know how it worked out for you!


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I have been meaning to check out this book, thanks for sharing this. I'm loving the new interface of Drupal 7. Responsive Design + Drupal 7 = Awesome!

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