Tokyo-area Drupalers plan meet-up

1 Apr 2009

I certainly can't call this the first Tokyo-area Drupal gathering; people from Japan's small (?) community of Drupal users have no doubt held meetings in the past. But for one incipient group of Drupalers from around the country and around the world, it's the first get-together. Activities and even location are still coalescing; as a first meeting, this should be a pretty informal meet-and-greet. Read more about Tokyo-area Drupalers plan meet-up

Drupal 6 and browsers make nice-nice!

3 Mar 2009

Here's an odd tale of browser compatibility, for the admin who finds regular Drupal news just far too exciting

Safari is my main Mac web browser, yet I always used Firefox for Drupal administration. Three reasons:

  • Various useful Firefox plug-ins for web designers
  • Some minor TinyMCE troubles using Safari
  • Inability in Safari to use a "middle button" mouse click to open a link in a new tab

Actually, the first I can toss out when I just want to do some content creation or basic admin and don't need one of those spiffy Firefox plug-ins. (And Safari 4 has some nifty web designer tools of its own that I want to check out.) Meanwhile, somewhere along the path of upgrades to Safari, Drupal, and TinyMCE alike, I think I stopped having troubles with text editing; I don't even remember what the initial oddities were that drove me from Safari to Firefox. Read more about Drupal 6 and browsers make nice-nice!

Trackback devilry again

12 Feb 2009

As reported earlier in Trackback HELL!, trackbacks without serious spam protection are just a big, wet kiss to the spammers.

Updating another site to Drupal 6, I tried to first export the database via phpMyAdmin for backup purposes. Alas, I simply couldn't get the thing to export using .zip; it always timed out. I had to export it without compression – and that made for a slow 71 MB. Read more about Trackback devilry again

Tweaking the Read More Tweak

10 Feb 2009

Drupal's got a funny quirk when it comes to the "Read more" link it places after node teasers: the link hides, all shy-like, among other links below the teaser. "Aw, shucks, if you really want to read more... I mean, gawrsh, don't go out of your way or nothin'..."

Bah! I want that link to throttle the reader and demand that he read more! That he read it all! I'M WATCHING! Read more about Tweaking the Read More Tweak

Reach for STARDOM!

8 Feb 2009

Good God, I've been at the graphics software again. Restraining order be damned, I say!

The work I've now dubbed SEO, Traffic, and Revenue: Drupalace's Online Manual (STARDOM) is still very much in progress, with the next round of updates in the oven. But now that the upgrade to Drupal 6 is mostly taken care of, and a new theme garishly under way, I'll take up the long-neglected task of announcing the thing, and coughing up a STARDOM logo. Read more about Reach for STARDOM!