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Unknown Drupaloid's picture

Just stopping by to ask how satisfied you are with Dreamhost? I've been with them for a little over a year, and have had as high as 10 - 15% downtime. Lately, it seems to have become worse. I'm wondering whether you would still recommending as a hosting provider?

drupalace's picture

I've had downtime, but nothing like 10%! My downtime so far has been well within reasonable expectations for a low-cost service, and good enough for a gaggle of sites that, I have to admit, don't yet have critical life-or-death uptime needs.

I wonder if you've had the bad luck of being placed on an exceptionally flakey server cluster. I scan Dreamhost's RSS feed of problems and upgrades, and it does seem that my server cluster is very rarely mentioned. Maybe I'm one of the luckier customers?

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