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Make your own cool site map page!

Missing a site map on your own Drupal site? You really should consider one. You can send people there intentionally for an overview of everything on your site, and better yet, your Drupal site can automatically display the site map page when visitors try to access content that isn't there (a 404 error) or content that's restricted to authorized users (a 403 error). That helps them find what they're looking for and keeps them on the site.

The simplest way to make a site map: Install the Site Map module and configure it at admin/config/search/sitemap. Then, on the Site information page, set error pages to use the path of your new site map. Easy!

Going further

Also consider the XML Sitemap module for a search engine-friendly site map, and the Custom Error module for more customized 403 and 404 error pages. Make discovery and navigation easy for your visitors!


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